Snowman watercolors… artist to watch… Renee Lammers!

"Self Portrait" by Renee Lammers

What a happy snowman, eh? I love this holiday snowman watercolor by artist Renee Lammers. I personally think the look of pen and watercolor is such a great combination. Isn’t this the happiest snowman ever? If you get a chance, check out Renee’s website, it’s very informative, she’s a great story teller which makes her very interesting to read. You’ll want to read Renee’s blog, it’s as informative as it is hilarious. You can’t help but like someone who talks about tripping and falling with wet paintings in their hands! WOW, a real human… you mean someone else does things like that, ha ha… Most people keep things so proper, not Renee… she’s tells it like it is! The result? A highly entertaining blog that becomes addictive! Check out the rest of Renee’s snowmen on her blog! Find Renee’s website (paintings and BLOG where you’ll find the snowmen!) at !

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5 thoughts on “Snowman watercolors… artist to watch… Renee Lammers!

  1. What a wonderful surprise! Thank you for showcasing my “Self Portrait” watercolor! It was painted after many gingerbread cookies which I give a lot of credit to enhancing any artist’s ability! One of these Christmas watercolors is in the mail for you! I hope you like it. Say “Hi” to Charlie!

  2. Well Renee, they’re wonderful and deserve to be seen ;). Oh, too sweet to send me one, I will frame it! Charlie says HELLO and to please pass it on to the gang!

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