Are you looking for that perfect gift? Here it is… FREE GIFT WRAPPING… Only 1 left! Hee hee

Are you still trying to find that perfect gift for the person who has it
all? Well have I got a deal for you! A baby grand piano! Priced at a low
holiday price of $4795.00 this beautiful YOUNG CHANG BABY GRAND can be yours in
time for the holidays! This VERY gently used piano (approximately 40 hours
by two people who tried to learn but the class ended and then life got in
the way, therefore, we tried… Ok, not so hard, we wanted to be born with a
gift and clearly neither of us were…) is a high quality piano, it’s not
just for looks it DESERVES to be with a person who can play it, love it and
do more than dust it!

This absolutely stunning piano can be yours. Trust me, the price is right,
and for a limited time I am offering FREE GIFT WRAPPING… This will make
the piano player in your life ecstatic!
Email me with any questions, offers, etc at

Happy holidays!!!

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