The year of the Calypso Christmas… by artist Eva Carter



Several years ago we had what we like to call a ‘CALYPSO CHRISTMAS’… one night after a delightful dinner at Anson’s in Charleston, Fred told me to close my eyes… he was taking me to my Christmas gift… WHAT???!!! Hmmmm, many things were running through my head, I mean, WHERE could he possibly be taking me? WHO or WHAT was going to be there? The car slows… then stops… he tells me to open my eyes… We are sitting in front of the Eva Carter Gallery (check out Eva’s paintings at , and what was in the window but a great painting of Eva’s with a red bow on it and a tag. The tag says MERRY CHRISTMAS BARBARA, LOVE, FRED. *GULP* What? “ME BARBARA? YOU FRED? I say like Jane talking to Tarzan, ha ha… couldn’t believe it was OUR painting. What a cool gift that was! It had the most beautiful red bow and coolest gift tag ever (thank you Karin Olah, your artistic addition made it oh so special! Karin is a cool artist, check out her website at What a special Christmas that was! Here’s hoping your Christmas is very special… until next time…

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