Viansa Winery, Sonoma, CA – Italy?

Viansa winery - Sonoma, CA

Years ago we were hooked on going to San Francisco, CA. LOVE THAT PLACE! Then we thought maybe vacations should be spent one year on the east coast, one year on the west coast… then we went to Maine and haven’t been back to the west coast since. We will! Especially after seeing the many wonderful photos from San Fran. One year Fred talked me into taking a winery tour… hmmm, the thought didn’t appeal to me too much, but we went and had the TIME OF OUR LIVES. One of the stops was Viansa. Wow, IS THIS ITALY? ha ha… it wasn’t, but it sure felt like it. Looking out the windows to the rolling vineyards. A hard place to leave for sure! If you’re ever in the area, check it out!

If you have a chance, check out our other blog… ! Until next time…

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