Fire in the sky? Ahhh, awesome sunset on Pointe Du Chene (Algonac, MI)

Sunset on Point DuChene

Sunset on Pointe DuChene - Algonac, MI

It looks like fire in the sky doesn’t it? What a brilliant sunset this was on Pointe Du Chene in Algonac, Michigan!  Scenes like this take my breath away!

Information about Pointe Du Chene  (where we grew up) from their Facebook fan page (thanks David Irvine)!

This is the southern part of Algonac
First settled in 1805, it was originally called Pointe du Chene (Oak Point). Indian agent Henry Rowe Schoolcraft coined the name Algonac from the Algonquin Indian tribe and the suffix “ac”, meaning place.
You had to live on one of the nine streets.
St Clair River Drive

How interesting is that? Ok everyone, have a great day! Until next time…

6 thoughts on “Fire in the sky? Ahhh, awesome sunset on Pointe Du Chene (Algonac, MI)

  1. Just stumbled on to this great photo. I see it was taken on Edgewater. I haven’t been to Algonac for many years but my grandparents lived at 442 Ruskin from the late 40’s to the early 60’s and my father worked for Chris Craft in the early 40’s. Sure loved it there as a kid. Thanks.

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