A fabulous house!

Let me start by saying…. I. LOVE. THIS. HOUSE. I remember when I was young (12), we lived in St. Clair Shores, MI on a very cool street near all my friends. Then we started looking at houses in other areas… I was happy where I was, I didn’t want to move, until I saw that the house was on the most amazing river! Algonac isn’t near anything, BUT it IS on the water. It’s on a river (North Channel, I think, I’ve been away for far too long) where you look across to a few small islands, one is Sand Island, no one lives on it, which makes it a very adventurous place to visit in a boat as a kid! There is also Russell Island which is the coolest little island full of cottages. No one lives on the island in all seasons. There is also Harsen’s Island which you can get to by taking a quick ferry ride. It’s a neat place to go, I used to ride my bike over there with a backpack and my lunch, sit under a tree near a church and eat, then be on my way… You can see all these islands from this house. On the other side of Sand and Russell Islands is Canada. Talk about not needing a TV! There is so much entertainment on this river all year long that you could literally not have a TV! As kids we had the best time. We had a great group of kids on Point Du Chene, swimming and floating down was #1 on our list of things to do during the summer. Good times! I think this would be the coolest place to live again… Good pick mom and dad! Until next time…

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