Ahhhh San Francisco, CA

San Francisco, CA 2005

What a great vacation San Francisco is! It’s not a relaxing one (for us), we tend to go go go… We buy a City Pass which lets you hop on all the public transportation that is SO GREAT! Fred had a good map, and since he is technically my “Fred Fred” (like Tom Tom GPS) I had no worries about getting lost. Everything happens for a reason right? We got off the bus at a museum on a Monday and it was closed. We thought we just got there before anyone else, ha ha… So we walked around a cool high class neighborhood (saw Robin Williams house! It had a bottle of Joy diswashing soap in the window I remember, ha ha, ahhhh the things we remember… although I’m quite sure he wasn’t the one washing the dishes…). We would have never ventured to that area since it was pretty far from everything, but it was a nice treat! That was yet another fabulous vacation, we must go back… one day! So remember that next time you get lost… maybe you’ll find an area that’s a real surprise!

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