Shells on the beach and Italian food to die for!

Amelia Island, Florida… what a great place! We haven’t been there in a few years but in a way it’s like stepping back in time. We used to go for Thanksgiving weekend, it was big fun with bonfires on the beach, a hayride on the beach with Santa, hot chocolate and SMORES! They had movies playing complete with popcorn and treats, it was so much fun. This was at the Ritz Carlton – Amelia Island. I know, sounds mucho expensive… however, they have great deals that include parking and breakfast (a FANTASTIC breakfast at that!), it’s a treat, not an everyday thing, but if you ever get a chance to head that way, do it! There is a wonderful little Italian restaurant named Luigi’s, where the pasta is TO. DIE. FOR. AND… I don’t think they realize that they aren’t supposed to fill the HUGE wine glasses to the tippy top, whew! Then it’s nice to walk around for an hour or so after eating all that wonderful food before venturing back to your room… if you ever get an opportunity check it out!
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