Happy Earth Day… plant a tree!

Happy Earth Day! Do something today to make a difference. Do something that will help the Earth stay healthy… conserve energy by turning out lights when not needed, turning off the water while you brush your teeth, turn off your computer and/or monitor when not in use… do something like PLANT A TREE… I see that Lowe’s is giving away little tree’s. You can also do your part by letting a tree grow that pops up naturally… those buggers make it through tough times I’m telling you! Shortly after we moved into our house we had a ten-year old oak tree planted in our backyard, it wasn’t huge by any means but it is today, and in the not too distant future it will look like one of these grand live oaks down the street. We live on a beautiful street because someone years ago had the foresight to plant these live oak trees all the way down the street on both sides. Today they canopy the street with their limbs, and the residents are fiercely protective over them. Trees make a difference. They make a warm house cool and on a drizzly day they serve as an umbrella keeping us dry. So whatever your part may be on this Earth Day, pledge to do something, even if it’s to simply carry reusable bags with you when you go to the grocery store! Happy Earth Day!

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