Charlie, shopper extraordinaire!

We are fortunate to live in an area that has several dog friendly stores. One of Charlie’s favorites is Half Moon Outfitters in South Windermere (right here in Charleston, SC). Our favorite as well… He loves to see what other people are buying, and loves loves loves to watch people climb the rock wall. It’s a big time, head on over if you can… and if your dog is well behaved, bring them!

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2 thoughts on “Charlie, shopper extraordinaire!

  1. Charlie is too adorable…..where can I find a dog like him? Did you find his breeder in Charleston area? Let me know, OK?

  2. Hey Maryanne, we got Charlie at a farm in Aiken, SC. There were so many of them!! We had picked his cute little face out via Internet (great website: ) you can find jack russells at the pound to be adopted as well… They are very active, which makes us very active, ha ha… If you’re looking for a more relaxed dog, a JRT isn’t the one you want. The first year he had SO MUCH ENERGY… Now he sleeps on and off all day (he has a sofa he plops himself on and looks out the window and sleeps all day long), then he wakes up later in the evening… He sleeps with us. When we go to bed he goes to sleep at the foot of the bed, like an angel, ha ha… We buy him lots of things to chew so he doesn’t chew up anything good, he’s the sweetest dog in the world, very kind with other animals, but more hesitant around people. Once he gets to know you he’s fine…. A good guard dog too, and brilliant… Scarily so!
    I love this little beast… I think you will too! ;). Xxoo
    PS he is a “rough coat” Jack Russell, so he doesn’t shed much, a few times a year he’ll shed some, but not bad (smooth coat like Reg shed unreal), BUT he’s like a swiffer, when he comes in from outside he’s got leaves and stuff stuck to him, ha ha… He has a kiddie pool which he LOVES!!! Too funny!

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