Bye bye Joachim… you are one cool dude!

This past Christmas we had the privilege of meeting a really cool kid. He came from a land far, far away… Denmark to be exact. He is the coolest dude… and as you can see from the photo he has had a big impact on all the lives he’s touched while he’s been here. Last year my sister’s family was thrilled when an exchange student came to live with them for almost a year. Can you imagine? Leaving everything you know to go to a strange place with people who aren’t familiar, odd customs and weird food? Ha ha… It takes a brave soul to be able to do that. It takes loving parents that can let their child go and see things that are so different, experience different customs, food and be apart for so long. TEN. MONTHS. I know the reunion was sweet. I wish we could have been there in person…  We were able to meet Joachim’s parents via Skype which was pretty neat. It was intense, it was Christmas Day and my heart was breaking for Joachim being so far away from his family, and for his parents who you could tell missed him with all their hearts. Well… I’m happy to say they’re all together, visiting in Michigan for a bit and then off to see the world on the way home.

Joachim, you were a pleasure to be around. Please keep in touch… you have a great family… YOU WILL BE MISSED. We wish you every happiness the world has to offer you!

Catch you back here tomorrow…

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