We woke to a very foggy morning in Michigan several weeks ago, so we took that opportunity to take Charlie for a walk before it warmed up. Charlie hates heat. I hate heat. It’s not nice to hate. But heat is evil… Like one newspaper here in Charleston said today… “Cook out today – you may not need a grill”, ha ha… so true, heat index 115 today. Lovely. But I digress… back to the story… when we looked out over the river it was a thick blanket of fog, very mysterious. Fog horns blaring (LOVE that sound!)… we headed “up town”. Our daily walk was underway, which included a stop at the boat landing in town so Charlie could cool off and play in what usually are waves from passing boats. This time, no waves, but a sea of calm… it was beautiful, like glass… I wish I would have taken my camera, but this photo was taken with my phone… Next time Barbara, BRING THE CAMERA, ugh… 

Have a good day! Until next time…

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