Paint big! Kevin Beers painting on Monhegan Island, ME

Those of you who have been to Monhegan Island undoubtedly know Kevin Beers, and if by chance you haven’t met him you will recognize the size of his canvas. He’s the one you see walking down the road with the very large canvas (for plein air painting…!) This photo is from 2006, the first year we met Kevin. Congrats to Kevin and his wife Amy who were recently married on Monhegan Island. BREAKING NEWS: they opened a gallery on Monhegan called the BEERS and WILLIAMS STUDIO, it opened July 23. It’s in the old FISH AND MAINE PERIWINKLE space as a studio/gallery… check it out if you get a chance!!

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2 thoughts on “Paint big! Kevin Beers painting on Monhegan Island, ME

    • I love that photo of go-big-or-go-home-plein-air-artist Kevin Beers, ha ha… every day he come walking down the road in Monhegan with his huge canvas… nice guy, talented artist…! Thanks for commenting Tom!

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