Hello there! I started this blog a while back with good intentions… I have since started a daily blog at http://barbarastroud.wordpress.com, also… I am toying with the idea of revitalizing this site… although on a weekly basis instead of several times a week… Sign up to receive an email if you’re interested! I look forward to “talking” with you and sharing my photos…

More soon?!!


2 thoughts on “About

    • No, remember? June 1 it’ll be 90… it’s tradition, it’ll be nice up until June 1 and then someone turned the heat on and it just keeps going up until end of September… yippppeeee I’m so excited about sweating in the heat, ha ha… love humid hot sticky weather, um hmmmmm, NOT. Very good eye, btw, that window is where I thought the beets and rice came flying through when Fred was plunging, ha ha… ok, it was late, i wasn’t thinking clearly, ha ha… Love your blog btw! (Check out Bridget’s blog at http://bridgetjenningsartist.com/blog )… have a good day!

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