Lowcountry Boil – pre Christmas dinner…


I meant to post this the other night… I did try, but WordPress for iPad has a few issues, and I didn’t make it “all the way to my computer” heavy sigh, I mean, jeez, there was a nice fire roaring, I just couldn’t POSSIBLY leave that, not even for a few minutes… so here’s the post from the other night! Just pretend…

Just back from a nice dinner with the family.. A Lowcountry boil, some refer to it as Beaufort stew, I mean this IS Charleston, I’m sure it’s referred to more than one title… Tasty and festive for sure. Quite the treat… me, being the queen I am (I am NOT picky… Well, compared to my sister anyway, sorry Bridget) had shrimp creole prepared by my mother-in-law, Bobbie Stroud… Over brown rice it was exquisite! A nice time with family, a nice fire and good food, what more could a person ask for? Here’s hoping you are finding yourself in front of a Lowcountry boil in the near future! Until next time…

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