A new blog is born… and hunter Joe from 2006

Hunter Joe - 2006

I would like to start by saying… it’s done! A NEW BLOG IS BORN! http://barbarastroud.wordpress.com  I’ve had this on my mind for the past year now, it talks about home, art, travel and food (of course). So check it out if you get a chance. There is an option to subscribe so you don’t have to remember to actually go there, but I do post it on my Facebook page when I post to my blog. I am still going to keep this photoblog updated! So keep on coming back to visit!

Now… for this picture… what says FUN, like this man sitting in the snow? Oh, this man is my dad, some of you may know him, for the rest of you… this is Joe Fidler from Algonac, MI. He loves to sit in the snow, uh, I mean hunt, fish, etc. He even has a man room to tie flies and whatever else you do to get ready to go on such an adventure. This is a photo from 2006, so Joe isn’t frozen today, I’m thinking he’s probably in front of the fire in his new chair 😉 – say hi to mom!

Happy New Year to you all! Until next time…

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