Happy Mother’s Day mom!! I’m so fortunate to have gotten a mom as cool as you! We have such good times together and even when I’m far away it seems like we’re close. I love our phone calls about recipes and what to make for dinner! It’s been so hard to be away from you for so long (good grief 21 years now!)… I look so forward to seeing you again! I have the best memories in the world about growing up, you were always the best and I always knew I could count on you no matter what! From times when we were sick and you’d bring the little tray table with a 1/4″ of Coke (“sip, it has to last all day”) ha ha, turning on Carol Duvall with her craft making projects to do while in bed (SUCH FUN). Our days sailing and going to North Star Sail Club where we would swing forever on that swing that was on the big tree, where we could run through the clubhouse that was really a house, get an orange drink out of the machine and start laughing so hard it shot through my nose! Holidays were the best, every day was the best. You taught me many important lessons in life, some I’m not sure you realize! You would tell us to get out of the house and go play, which made us use our imaginations. If it was raining, and I would say I was bored, you told me to ‘make a list of things to do’ which occupied me for hours… then the next time I said it, you’d tell me to go read the list and pick something! Remember when we both had a ‘Walkman’ and we both had a Miami Vice tape? ha ha… we would both start it at the same time and go walking through town… The great times cross-country skiing together? Remember our great times shopping, and eating at Hudson’s restaurant… at Saunder’s??? Ohhhh the memories (hmmm, many food related, ha ha)… You are the one who told me to read a book, I told you I didn’t want to… you went and got your old Nancy Drew book and I read it and was HOOKED! To this day I STILL love to read. I’ll always cherish the great times we had in Maine! How can I ever thank you for always being there? For always being on my side? For being the best mom in the world?! I love you and I’ll see you soon! Whooopieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Happy Mother’s Day!  And now a word from Fred…

Happy Mother’s Day to the coolest mother- in-law in the world, very fortunate to have both you and joe (father-in-law) in my life!

2 thoughts on “HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!

  1. This is from the lucky mom….wow, I couldn’t have been that good of a mom, could I…I am so delighted you recall your childhood and give me credit for good memories….I always thought Joe was the best father in the world…and he is the one that made holidays and everything so special…I’m honored doll….and you too Fred….my son in law that takes care of me and chases the pigeons downtown so I’m safe…he he….love you. mom

    • Ahhh yes, dad was the best dad for sure! BUT, you were the best mom, and you didn’t know it? ha ha… trust me, I wouldn’t just say that, hee hee… love you!

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