Time flies with the beast!

WOW, Charlie has been with us a year now as of Monday… Had his yearly checkup yesterday. You can see how excited he was in the photo… He’s at the vet sitting by the door just waiting to escape… He looks scared and unhappy… his vet is Eve Badger at West Ashley Vet, she’s great. I’ve known her since before we had a dog and she knows her stuff… After the exam and vaccines Charlie turned into another dog, THRILLED to say the least, tail wagging at warp speed running around the exam room… IT’S OVER!!! Woo hoo… What a difference a year makes. From a puppy afraid of so many things to a very confident dog who loves other dogs more than anything…. And hey, a secret for you… We even have toilet paper back on the roll now, he finally quit pulling it off and tearing through the house with it! He’s had a busy year, he was in Michigan for 5 weeks where he LOVED playing with his greyhound cousin AJAXX, he’s had many trips to the James Island Dog Park… What a great place! Dog park = tired dog… WOOHOO!! He walks 4-8 miles per day and is keeping me in shape no matter how many times I may visit Sugar Bakeshop, ha ha… YAY Charlie, here’s to another good year!

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