Sheer happiness…

Have you ever had that indescribable feeling of sheer happiness… where you are blissfully at peace with everything? Where you feel like you’re having a good day right from the moment you step out of bed? This is Charlie’s first trip to the beach in April, you can see in his eyes how he feels like he is where he should be. HE. IS. HAPPY! We all need to act a bit more like dogs, ha ha… Be kind without giving it a second thought, don’t talk when someone is sick or upset just listen and be there. Ah, they can teach us so much can’t they? How nice is it to come home and have someone SO HAPPY to see you, haha.  I hope you find whatever makes you feel sheer happiness, whether it be a spouse, loved one, child, dog, animal or a stranger you stop to talk to. During the course of the day do at least one thing to make someone else happy. It can be the smallest of things. A smile. A hug. A chat. It doesn’t cost anything and what that person will feel  they will hopefully pass on to someone else. Have a happy day… until next time…

4 thoughts on “Sheer happiness…

  1. Thanks for posting the above post, Barb. That is what I miss so much since my Rocky died. Sheer happiness!! I miss him greeting me at the door when I get home from work, waking me up early in the morning to let him outside, laying at my feet while I am watching T.V. or on my computer or just being there with me. He loved me unconditionally. Although I have unconditional love from my husband and son, but having a dog is something different. You can feel this love always.

    • I absolutely understand what you’re going through… Ugh, that has got to be the hardest part. I know after Reggie was gone just the thought of coming home to unwelcoming silence was so tough. First few days we waited for each other in the driveway… Reg was always there happy to see us no matter how bad he felt. We waited too long to get another dog… Over two years… Ugh… On the other hand… Ha ha… I’m trying to make dinner, the beast is barking and carrying on at some kids playing and he won’t stop! I will not complain. A big hug to you Maryanne, know that we are thinking about you!!!

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